We offer traceability of each product's identity from producer to food manufacturer.
Our processing facilities are uniquely designed with specialized sorting and handling equipment.
We are determined to deliver uncompromised product quality for food market.
We have staff experienced in international and domestic logistics...
About Us

Identity Ag Processing is strategically located in the center of the most prolific and diversified agricultural production regions in the world -- Casselton, ND and Bloomer, WI in the upper Midwest of the United States. The processing facilities are capable of cleaning and packaging nearly two and a half million bushels of traceable specialty crops a year.

Quality Control and Processing

Identity Ag Processing was formed to provide more quality control during processing, as well as to provide a larger acreage base to market. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff has more than 37 years of combined experience in specialty equipment operation and management. They follow strict standards and will provide that comfort in knowing that your product will be given careful attention and custom processing.

Casselton, North Dakota Facility
Year Built:  2004
Footprint:  42,000 sq. ft
Warehouse:  30,000 sq. ft
Annual capacity:  1 million bushels
Organic Certified:  Yes

Bloomer, Wisconsin Facility
Year Built: 2010
Footprint: 36,000 sq. ft
Warehouse: 24,000 sq. ft
Annual capacity: 1.5 million bushels
Organic Certified: No
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