We offer traceability of each product's identity from producer to food manufacturer.
Our processing facilities are uniquely designed with specialized sorting and handling equipment.
We are determined to deliver uncompromised product quality for food market.
We have staff experienced in international and domestic logistics...

To guarantee the integrity of the product from arrival to delivery, the Identity Ag Processing facilities are uniquely designed with specialized sorting and handling equipment, as well as built-in flexibility to handle a variety of crops.

Processing Flexibility
  • The required finished product quality is provided with specific combinations of machines; and
  • Selecting only the necessary equipment for each processing order reduces unwanted costs.
Crop Flexibility
  • The plants are designed for the gentle handling and processing of food grade commodities, including soybeans, wheat, sorghum, corn, peas and other specialty crops; and
  • The facilities are designed for quick expansion to accommodate new equipment needs and larger volume.
Organic Certified at the North Dakota Facility
  • The facility is inspected and approved by ICS (International Certification Services);
  • The facility is USDA/NOP (National Organic Program) certified; and
  • Certifications allow complete processing and packaging of organic commodities.
Processing Photos