We offer traceability of each product's identity from producer to food manufacturer.
Our processing facilities are uniquely designed with specialized sorting and handling equipment.
We are determined to deliver uncompromised product quality for food market.
We have staff experienced in international and domestic logistics...

From preservation of food integrity to high-tech processing of diversified food lines, we are determined to deliver uncompromised product quality for the food market.

Our processing facilities include the following specialized equipment to ensure quality:
  • Multiple magnets to remove metal foreign material;
  • A de-stoner to remove small stones and soil pieces;
  • Roller separators to remove non-round foreign material, non-round soybeans and splits;
  • An infrared color sorter to remove off-color types and foreign material differing in color from the target commodity; and
  • A handling system that consists of belt and vibratory conveyors, slow elevator speeds and let-down ladders, all designed to minimize damage while moving commodities.
We process only Non-GMO & Organic:
  • Identity Ag Processing is dedicated to processing non-genetically modified food grade commodities.
  • To prevent contamination, no commodities bred with transgenic technology are allowed in the processing facilities.
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